Debut Album Out Now!

We’re calling it YFT day. Feel free to use that. Today Revelation Records releases our debut full length in digital and vinyl formats. The digital version can be picked up at all the usual suspects, including and Amazon as well as our Bandcamp page.

The custom red vinyl gatefold 12 inch version that you see above can be purchased from the fine folks at . it includes a digital download code as well as nifty little scavenger hunt of clues to the songs. In celebration of everyone’s favorite format, we’ve put this little video together of our first records. Check it out:

P.S. for those of you that still listen to those little coasters we used to call ‘compact discs’, there will be a CD version coming out in Japan on July 25th. It just didn’t make sense to press one here in the States, but if you’re up for paying a few extra yen for the import, then you can rock out to YFT on your Discman!

P.P.S. The Australians are in! Here’s a little kick off interview in honor of the release for , including an exclusive Jeff Caudill acoustic solo version of that old Living End classic ‘Prisoner of Society’!

Tracklist as follows:

01 Let’s Get Wrecked
02 Bounce Back
03 Late Expectations
04 The Brilliance
05 Broken Pieces
06 Forget How to Live

07 To Be Amazing
08 The Reason Why You Sang
09 Left Alone
10 On Tonight
11 Roll Out the Barrel