Led by two influential members of the post-hardcore/pop-punk scene, YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECK features icons Jeff Caudill (ex-Gameface) and Popeye V. (ex-Farside) sharing the songwriting, lead singing and guitar duties. Jeff and Popeye both come from highly influential and successful bands that helped pioneer a sound that would later be known as ‘emo’. Drummer Robbie Rist might be better known as a former child actor, however he is also an acclaimed musician who has been in countless bands. Bassist Jeff Holmes rounds out the linep, who has played for many years under the moniker Immigrants & Navigators. Their sound fuses Popeye’s love of vintage power-pop (Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson) with Jeff’s Southern California country-rock influences (Eagles, Jackson Browne) along with their own brand of heartfelt, melodic punk rock. With the release of their 2009 EP, Your Favorite Trainwreck successfully re-connected with their post-hardcore audience and also captured a new audience of rock-hungry music lovers. With their latest effort, the band teamed up with veteran alternative music producers Eric Stenman (Thrice, Weezer, Saves The Day) and Mike Fratantuno (Black Eyed Peas). This self-titled LP offers a slick yet powerful and scrappy sound, laden with heavy doses of vocal harmonies and layered instrumentation. It’s clear when listening that Jeff Caudill and Popeye have a deep connection as musicians, and can merge together seamlessly to create a solid musical force. A supergroup? Maybe. A superb group? Definitely.

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