Want to be a musician? - best music colleges to get music degree

Music is a beautiful form of art, a part of our daily life and formal events, since immemorial times. Though it varies from culture to culture, the harmony it produces, and the emotions it expresses are universal.
Some people have naturally gifted beautiful voice, or they learn how to play an instrument as a hobby, but there are many who develop an interest in music to such an extent that they want to make a career in this field. Music has become a key industry nowadays, which includes production, distribution, selling, concerts, streaming, and other related activities. Only the recorded global music industry in 2018 makes total revenue of 18.9 billion U.S. dollars. Those who want a degree in music to make a planned progression in this field are thinking great on the basis of industry growth patterns.
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For making an informed decision about a degree in music, here are some top names for you:

Curtis Institute of Music

Founded in Philadelphia, in 1924, this is one of the most prestigious music schools in the United States, with merely 4% as the rate of selection. The philosophy of this institute is to learn.

Berklee College of Music

Established in 1945, located in Boston, Massachusetts, this is the largest self-governing college for learning contemporary music. If you want to learn, rock, hip-hop, bluegrass, and salsa, this is the place. Also, for modern American music and Jazz, no place is better than Berklee College. There are thousands of awards associated with the alumni of this college

The Juilliard School

Juilliard was founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art, and now it is one of the top names in performing arts. Located in New York City, this institute today has enrolled 800 people from around 42 countries who perform in around 700 annual performances that happen at the 5 theatres of school. The school has outstanding faculty for instructing you in all the instruments, piano, guitar, and collaborative piano, vocal arts, composition, jazz studies, etc.

The Royal Academy of Music

This is one of the top music institutes in England, training over 700 future musicians from 50 countries in more than 20 musical fields. The Bachelor of Music in this academy is a four-year program that gathers brilliant people interested in music to learn from the world's top music teachers. You are also given an opportunity to perform in public concerts. Their top graduate programs include Master of Music in Performance or Composition (MMus) and Master of Arts in Musical Theatre (MA).

Yale School of Music

Although getting admission to Yale School of music is a matter of a great deal, but the selected 100 outstanding musicians love to study from this amazing music faculty. Tuition and living cost is fully funded for all the 100 admitted ones. The exposure given to students through participation in concerts helps to realize their full potential. The school also has some amazing collaboration with the worldwide artistic community. The idea of collaboration and common platforms is to know more about things. So that if you are a student and think that writingpaperssucks, just like many students, you prefer to have a look at the most trustworthy expertwriting.org reviews to decide where to go.

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